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Natural Organic Personal Lubricant

The premium personal lubricant certified to new organic standards and FDA cleared.

Experience the smooth and sensual comfort of Aloe Cadabra:

  • “Aloe Cadabra is going to change our sex life!”
  • “The pain is gone. The spark is back!”
  • “Great for everyday use. Great for our special moments!”
  • “It feels like we're teenagers again!”
  • “I am tearing up as I write this. I am so grateful.”
  • "Now that I know, I'll never go back to chemicals. Thank you!"
  • "It feels like I'm being conditioned while we're enjoying ourselves. Amazing..."

enjoy the kind of satisfaction that keeps on giving

At Aloe Cadabra, we strive not only to create extraordinary products, but to contribute to our global community. Every month, we donate funds to organizations that support women’s health and the environment with hopes that together, we can make the world a safer, healthier place.
Learn more about the great organizations we support